Monday, 28 March 2011

Please buy my book!

 The world of publishing is changing fast, and in an effort to be at the front of the changes I’ve decided to e-publish my novel ‘Bitter Roots’.  That was the easy part.  Now comes the difficult part – building sales!

When my husband, Andy’s book ‘Killjoy’ came out in paperback we asked as many people as possible to buy it from Amazon at the same time.  Loads of you did, and we can’t thank you enough, because it meant that for a short while at least he was in the top 50 of the Amazon charts, which means that he can call his book a best seller!

We’d like to repeat the experiment this week with ‘Bitter Roots’ so will be asking anyone interested in buying a copy, to buy it on Thursday evening this week - 31st March.

If you don’t have any kind of e-reader you can easily download a free kindle app from Amazon, and then there are loads of books you can buy cheaply or even download for free, so it’s worth doing even if you decide not to buy my book.

BITTER ROOTS is a Modern Gothic Romance. Growing up in a sinister commune in West Wales, Beth Skye’s only comfort is Matt, her childhood sweetheart. But catastrophic events tear them apart, and she finds herself on the Island of Corfu with her sickly sister and their obsessively controlling mother. She escapes from her mother’s clutches, only to exchange one unhappy relationship for another. But eleven years later she returns to the island and battles to escape her past of mysterious occult practices and tragic deaths. Only then will she be able to move on and seize the chance for happiness with her one true love. But will the past let her go? Or will her twisted family roots drag her back into the darkness?

It costs £1.71 which was the cheapest I could make it using Amazon’s system, and you can find it by clicking on the link below.

OR $2.78 outside the UK at

To see if it’s your sort of thing, you can read the first chapter on my website

I’ll update everyone on the sales results on my Facebook page, or you can look at my blog on Friday

Please forward this to anyone else you think may be interested in a cracking read for the Easter holidays. 

And finally, if you do buy it and you do like it, please leave feedback on the Amazon site as this can also help to build those all important sales.  Many thanks, Jarek/Jan


  1. I am definitely up for this - I've read 'Bitter Roots' already, and now I want to own it!
    Andy T.

  2. I've just bought my first ever e-book! (It was yours, obviously!)