Thursday, 17 March 2011

Busy, busy, busy.

After attending a World Book Day event with a group of local writers, I spent the whole of last week concentrating on moving forwards with my writing, and I am really excited now.  I was feeling the need to broaden my portfolio, so I sent three poems off to a local writer’s magazine, found a competition to send my play to, and did exciting stuff on the novels.

The play ‘A Grey Area’ is a comedy about an older couple, and their daughter who arrives home early from a gap year with a man in tow.  To the horror of their daughter the older couple are outrageously open about their unusual sexual activities, but the boyfriend has a few surprises of his own in store.  I had a read through with my writer’s group and got really good feedback.  But more importantly there was laughter as we read it out, and when I suggested we should stop reading, there was a unanimous Nooooo!    

And now the novels - Brighton Sucks.  I spent a day in Brighton this week, visiting all the areas it’s set in, and writing copious notes about the plot and characters.  I wanted to attempt a new take on vampires, and to set them in a very English seaside town.  I’ve loved writing it as it’s got lots of sex and violence, which I really do enjoy writing.  I’m not even going to think what that says about me.  But anyway, it’s nearly finished and I aim to get a first draft completed by the end of the Easter hols.  I’ll put the new opening on my website as soon as that’s done.

And there will be exciting news in my next blog about Bitter Roots.  An interesting development will hopefully move things forward.

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  1. As I've already taken part in a reading of 'A Grey Area' I can confirm that it's fab! Andy