Thursday, 24 March 2011

Impatience is a virtue!

OK, if patience is a virtue then I’m certainly not a virtuous woman.  My book ‘Bitter Roots’ has been doing the rounds of agents and getting good feedback, as well as high praise from the Romantic Novelist’s Association, and there is some possibility of a paper edition coming out later this year, but I’m keeping details of that under wraps so that I don’t jinx it.

But, in the meantime I’ve decided to e-publish it on Amazon. 

Doing that is not the most straightforward process, and my page on the US site doesn’t seem to show the price of the book $2.78 unless you follow a couple of links to my author page – but who’s going to do that – so will get that sorted as soon as possible.  But for anyone in the UK it is now available as an e-book download for the very good price of £1.71 which was as cheap as I could make it using their system.

Anyone who’s been to my house knows that I’m a bit of a book collector, but when I decided to e-publish I thought I’d better get to know the technology, so I bought a Kindle, and I swear that I am not being paid to say this, but in just a couple of weeks I am a true convert.  It takes up hardly any space, is easy to use, and I can download books really cheaply without having to wait for the post office to lose/deliver them.  And as I said, I am not a patient woman, so for me it is perfect.

I know that not everyone has the kit to read e-books yet, but I’m going to do the same as Andy did and ask anyone who does want to read ‘Bitter Roots’ to download it on the same day.  Probably will go for next Thursday 31st, but will post more about that next week.  If you don’t have any kind of e-reader you can download a free kindle reading app from Amazon to see if you like it – or just to read my book!

I’ve rewritten the opening of the book, and will update my website this weekend, so if you want to read the start before committing to the whole book then have a look after Saturday, and at the new opening to ‘Brighton Sucks’, which I am hoping to have finished in a couple of months.

I’ll put up links to the book next week, but you can have a look at it by just putting Jarek Adams into search on Amazon, and you can also follow the link from ‘Bitter Roots’ to my author page.  But by next week, all will be clear and all should be linked everywhere.

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  1. About time - We happy readers who have already seen 'Bitter Roots' for proofreading and feedback can confirm that it's brilliant.

    I've also seen the feedback it got from the Romantic Novelist's Association New Writers scheme. Other blog readers should be told that Jarek is being typically modest here: one of the readers said this was the best book they'd read through the scheme!

    Needless to say I'll be buying my copy as soon as the buying date is set. Andy T.