Saturday, 18 December 2010

Unblocking my imagination

OK this has been a good year, but it's also been a year of hard slog.

I've had to research and write three new projects for my business clients on the history of Automata, the science of Cardiff Bay, and a science presentation for adults getting them to look at gravity in new ways.  All of these have worked really well, but they've used up a large portion on my writing brain.  On top of those I seem to be stuck in rewriting hell with Bitter Roots, and I've only managed short bursts of writing on Brighton Sucks before I've had to put it aside to do one of the other writing tasks that have filled my days, including the Christmas Windows which was a brief experiment, but which I am quite pleased with.  We'll have to see what M&B make of it.

So as a Christmas present to myself I've decided to put all work in progress aside until mid January and to spend the next couple of weeks working on a short project that I will be able to see all the way through to the end.  That would feel very satisfying.  And as playwriting is where my writing career began I've dug out a play that I started writing a while back.  I've just re-read it and think it's worthy of completion.  It's a comedy looking at people's attitudes towards sexuality in older women, and there are some pretty good jokes in it, along with a really good role for a post-menopausal actress.  

I think that stopping work on all my other projects would allow my brain to reset itself and to unclog my imagination that's been forced in so many different directions this year.  I'll also give this blog a break until then - but many thanks to all the people who've been reading this, and for all the feedback I've had from you.

I hope the Christmas fairy sprinkles inspiration dust on all of you , and that the New Year sees much success all around. 

PS. I'll still be on Facebook if you need me, x J    

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