Tuesday, 30 November 2010


Grrr - because I've had so much work over the past week that I haven't been able to spend any time getting my website up and running, or to do any writing!

But Great - because a new opportunity has presented itself to me.  Anyone who has read my writing knows that I like to create dark and intense stories.  But earlier this year I challenged myself to have a go at writing something much lighter.  I came up with three chapters and a rough synopsis for a contemporary romance called the Christmas Windows, which I then put aside so that I could concentrate on the Paranormal Romance I'm hoping to have finished shortly.

But, back in the summer I saw that Mills & Boon were running a competition to discover New Voices, and I sent in the opening chapter of the Christmas Windows.  It was rated reasonably well by readers, but didn't win the competition, so I thought no more about it.  But last week I got an email from M&B asking me to submit the first three chapters and a synopsis.  Now, it is extremely refreshing to have a publisher ask to see my stuff, instead of me endlessley sending out submissions into the void!  So, I'm going to grasp this opportunity and do some quick rewrites before sending it to them.

Then next week I'll go back to my dark tale of vampires in Brighton, and finally get my website online.

PS. Amazon shenanigans last week got my husband's book into the top 50 of their Thriller chart - Andrew Thorn, Killjoy - please buy!


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