Thursday, 18 November 2010

Taking a back seat

This week has been a bit odd for me.  My husband has beaten me to it and managed to get his first book published by winning the Kinglake Unpublished Author's Competition in the thriller genre.  He got that news a couple of months back, and I'm really pleased for him.  He started on this insane journey about a year before I did, but the pressure is on for me to catch him up now.

So, although I have managed to spend some time writing this week, all my other projects have had to take a back seat while we've been doing everything we could think of to build up his sales.  I've been busy contacting everyone we know and asking them to buy a copy of Killjoy by Andrew Thorn.  It has been fun as we asked everyone to buy it from Amazon at exactly 8.15 tonight to see if it soared to the top of their bestseller chart, if only for a minute.  Well, lots of people did buy it, but somehow it plummeted down 3,000 places in the charts?     

However, he has now sold a good number of copies, and I know lots of people have ordered it from bookshops, so that golden treasure, a royalty cheque, will one day be in his hands and no doubt framed!

With his book out there, I will be back to sorting out my own plans for 'Bitter Roots' next week.  The next thing I want to do is to get my website up and running so that people can read some of my work.  The domain name is now mine, and the website content is all ready to put up, so as soon as I get a bit of time I'll get that sorted.

But hearing how pleased people were when I told them about Andy getting published has given me a new drive to get on and join him in the dizzy heights of being published, which I now know is an achieveable goal.    

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  1. Fortunately Jarek blogged this before the chart positions where updated again, and suddenly I'd shot up the charts to number 54 on the Amazon thriller best-seller chart. Result! And so much of it is down to her amazingly hard work and faith in me and what we can achieve together. Hurrah for love!