Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Invisible me

I know I've been a bit invisible for the past few months. I am still here, but I've been doing all the things a writer has to do, but which are far too boring to share. Such as working out funding applications, having meetings with people, and bouncing around hundreds of emails with other creative types to work out future collaborations and partnerships.

But now that's nearly all done I will soon be able to start telling you all about the fabulous projects I've got lined up to do over the next couple of years. There are still a few things to pin down, but there will be at least one new play next year, as well as exciting plans for my fabulous Scriptorium writers.

So I will try to be a bit more exciting from now on and to keep you posted on developments about 'Urban Myths', 'The Secret Life of Dads', 'Aethelflaed', and much, much more.

1 comment:

  1. Jarek, you're always exciting (oo-er!) - the 'Urban Myths' teaser at Yvonne Arnaud was amazing! And I still hear people raving about how good 'Mysterious Gentleman' was. Do more stuff in London again, pleeese!