Thursday, 6 December 2012

Smug Christmas Shopping!

Almost everyone’s feeling the squeeze these days, but there still seems to be a real pressure to provide huge piles of presents for loved ones.  Books have always been a favourite present between me and my other half, but a big pile of them wrapped and waiting under the Christmas tree would cost a fortune wouldn’t they?

Well no!

For the past few years we’ve both gone to our local library on their last opening day before Christmas and selected six books for each other.  It’s been really interesting reading books that I probably wouldn’t have selected for myself, and being able to choose a selection of books that I could never afford to buy for my other half.  We always wrap them up and put them under the tree just like normal presents, but once they’ve been read we don’t have to find shelf space for them!
We try to read all the books before they’re due back, but occasionally have renewed a few so that we manage to savour every word.  This makes the dull weeks of early January a real joy, and provides us with fresh input to stimulate our imaginations for new projects in the New Year.
Doing this supports other writers who get a small fee when their books are borrowed, and it also supports your local library, so it really is a super smug way to do at least some of your Christmas shopping!

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