Friday, 13 April 2012

Spooky coincidence or portent?

What would it be like if we could see the future?  What if there is some pre-set pattern that we’re all following to our eventual demise?  Although I’m not sure I believe that, my recent birthday made me ponder a few strange patterns in my life.
Like the day I woke up with an ominous feeling that I shouldn’t leave the house that day.
Yes, I often wake up feeling like that, but this was different in a way that I couldn’t quite put my finger on.  I was supposed to drive to Cardiff to see a friend, and it would have been easy to cancel the trip, but it seemed stupid to say to my best friend, ‘sorry I can’t see you today, because I’ve got a funny feeling.’  Superstitious nonsense that I chose to ignore.
As it turns out I had a completely uneventful journey, a lovely visit with my friend, and made it all the way home to Gloucester before an uninsured driver ploughed into the back of my car causing over a thousand pounds worth of damage!  Coincidence, or was there something to that feeling of foreboding I woke up with?
Something else made me think about portents a few weeks ago.  My husband is a Londoner, and I grew up in Wales, but we decided to make our home in neither place, choosing to live somewhere in the middle.  We searched several towns for a home, and eventually found our house on Stroud Road in Gloucester.  Along that road, a little way from our house is a small Rose Garden, and I recently discovered that the lovely space we’ve enjoyed since we moved here was created when a house was destroyed after an aeroplane crashed into it.  Although the pilot was killed, 85year old Florence Drury, and her companion 69year old Ethel Hutchins who lived there both stayed downstairs that day and were unhurt.  Did something tell them not to venture upstairs?  But there’s more to this mystery.  We thought our move here was a random decision, but it turns out that the crash happened on the very day I was born.  Spooky coincidence or a strange portent?

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  1. The year I was born, we won the world cup. Nuff said.