Friday, 16 March 2012

Sometimes I just can't help my Welsh Roots poking through

In the Green Valley by Jarek Adams

(To be read out loud in a South Wales Valleys accent)

I add a baaaby
i woz a gorjus ikle thin
I cwched up to er airvry nite
wile she did ave a suck at me

I called er Blodeuedd
the farmer called er mint sorce
silly bugger
talks to me like ee’s my butty sumtimz

E cum rownd with is missis
a rite chopsy bugger
a bit twpt if ewe arsk me
norutorl nice

She pointed to my baaaby un sed
‘be luvverly with moron und pys’
I coon’t buleev my years
I wuz fewmin

I told er, ‘go waaay’
she sed, ‘ark at er
ew d’yew think ewe are?’
‘Thas rite, a bloody ewe I sed!’

I did a crap rite in frunt of er
she gor i on er shoo
and bloody moaned
‘wor a lor of do do they do do’ she sed

Wen I lookt rownd ee’d taken my baaaby
I was fewrius I can tell ewe
iss not wot ew’d call a gud life
next eel be takin the bloody coat off my back

Cwch - cuddle
Butty - friend
Chopsy - talkative
Twpt - daft
Moron - carrots
Pys - peas

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