Friday, 9 June 2017

I'm over here!

So Hackers - rather smart, but also really annoying.

I'm posting here to say that for the time being this will have to be my website. Although I haven't been hacked, my web host has and as a consequence they've decided to quit the business. This means my website has to be moved and rebuilt, so it will be down for a little while :-(

If you need to contact me you can find my details on Facebook

But now I've got your attention I'd like to give you a quick update on all my work.

A few weeks ago the Scriptorium (the group of emerging playwrights I run) presented their collaboratively written play 'Tapestry' at Gloucester Cathedral with great audience feedback:

'I was captivated the whole way through. From the dramatic opening through all the scenarios, this production was joyfully unpredictable. A strong cast played different parts with conviction and interacted well with each other - really listening and responding. They handled the cathedral echo well and co-operated with the unusual sound environment to enhance their performance'.

'The Mysterious Gentleman', my play about Victorian magician JN Maskelyne is going to have a three week run at the Courtyard Theatre in London opening on October 31st, and once again with support from Arts Council England. I'll be working with Director, Kasia Rozycki from Off The Cliff Theatre, and actor Andrew Thorn will be taking the lead role - image below.

I've also just been commissioned to write something, but as it hasn't been officially announced yet I can't say what. But it's a really exciting invite to join a really amazing club of the UK's top playwrights.

And for all fans of comedy and great music, I'm hoping that 'The Secret Life of Dads' will be back onstage next year - I'll keep you posted on that, but here's the new poster below.

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