Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Universe is having a laugh!

OK, so here’s a slightly condensed version of the things that happened to me over my crazy summer.

Things started so well when Andy, my other half, had a choice of three jobs lined up which were going to keep us going till the autumn when my teaching work would kick back in.

BUT then all three jobs mysteriously fell through for various bizarre reasons which were nothing to do with his skills or personality, leaving us with no clue as to how to pay our bills over the summer.

THEN a lovely friend offered us his flat in Cardiff Bay and told us to take a break to chill out and rethink what to do. We had a fabulous week in the glorious sunshine, stopping off to briefly perform at the Cardiff Science Festival.

ONLY to come home and find our house had been broken into – Grrr!

HOWEVER after a few weeks of unpleasant wrangling with our insurance company they suddenly stumped up enough money to fix damage, replace stuff and have a bit left over to cover some bills.

THEN I heard the news that an old friend from college had died.  His wife was one of my closest friends in college, and we’ve stayed in touch over the years so I went up to London for the funeral which was a lovely send off for the crazy Billy Danby.

BUT it was good to reconnect with some very old friends, and after a few difficult years with the universe being very unkind to me and my other half, I started to feel like myself again.

SO I’ve started rewriting my first novel – mad wrestlers and bad mothers – I don’t care if it works, I’m writing this one for myself. 

There are quite a few other things that have started going well for me and Andy, but I’ll have to tell you about Maskelyne, Harvard, Qatar and copper plating another day.   

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