Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Value for effort!

Value for money is the old sales pitch, but when it comes to books I see far too many writers underselling their work.  It takes time and effort just to learn how to be a good writer, and then it takes real determination to complete a manuscript for a book.  After that there’s the energy it takes to publish, either traditionally or independently, followed by the long march of marketing and publicizing your work.
In the world of epublishing the general advice is to price your book low in order to encourage buyers who’ve never heard of you to give your work a go.  But why not draw their eye with a really well designed book cover?  Attract them in with a good blurb that really sells what you’ve written?  And then make sure that what you’ve written is as good as it can be!
Readers can sample the opening chapters of your work, and will quickly spot badly edited or badly written work and decide against buying.  But if you’ve spent time polishing your work and making sure it’s as good as you can make it then hopefully they’ll want to read on and that means paying for your work.
Both of my books are currently priced at a lowly £1.53 in ebook format.  The paperbacks are more sensibly priced at £5.95 for Brighton Sucks, and £6.95 for Bitter Roots.  But in the New Year I’m thinking of upping the price of my ebooks to somewhere around THREE QUID!  Still a bargain if you think about it, but a better reward for all the time and energy it took to write them.
There will be a new book next year, but if you haven’t read either of my two current novels then grab one quick this December at a bargain price.  And you can be sure of getting extremely good value for your dosh as you can read the opening chapters, along with feedback and reviews on my website
Next week I’ll be blogging as part of the ‘Next Big Thing’ blog chain, following a lovely recommendation by the fabulous historical romance author Jane Lark!      

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