Thursday, 2 August 2012

Why release a second edition?

Wasn’t the first edition ready to release? 
Well yes, but the first edition was written the way an agent asked me to write it.  Against my gut instinct I did what she asked – who’s going to argue with a top agent when they say ‘do this and I’ll represent you.’  It took me three months to do the rewrite and although she liked the rewrite she decided that the book wasn’t quite her thing after all.  Aargh!
Another agent said ‘I enjoyed your chapters – you write fluidly with a well conceived idea that’s dark and intriguing.  But could you make your central character sixteen and resubmit to our children’s department.’  The opening chapter has a woman travelling to Corfu after the death of her mother, and in the following chapters there is quite a lot of sex!  I declined to do that particular rewrite.
I have now written a version that I feel uses the best bits of the rewrite I did for the first agent, but holds on to the structure that the readers from the RNA really liked.  I’m really happy to release this version, and would love to hear from any readers with your feedback.
You can read the new opening and find links to the new edition on my website


  1. I've read it already and it's great!


  2. Although I'm not asking people who've already bought it to buy it again. The story is the same, it's just that I've restructured it the way I want it.