Friday, 1 June 2012

Are we becoming shut-ins?

So far today I’ve swapped banter with several writers around the globe, and my husband Andy has done an electronics lecture at MIT (Massachusetts), and now he’s giving a tutorial to someone about website management in Boston, and all without leaving the house in Gloucester!
I am very much in love with technology (well most of the time) and love being able to travel online and in my mind, but I am wondering if perhaps we need to get out more?
Poverty is partly the reason for our lack of movement.  Filling the car with fuel or travelling anywhere costs lots of dosh which we haven’t got in oodles at the moment.  There are lots of things I’d love to go and see – theatre, film exhibitions, but when it’s a choice between paying bills or having fun, well unfortunately we don’t actually seem to have a choice – the bills just have to be paid L
I’m sure it’s affecting our writing as neither of us has had any new input for ages – we don’t even watch telly (no license). 
However, this isn’t going to be a complete whinge!  We do both have exciting things in the pipeline, and we are managing to keep ourselves entertained by making wacky videos for YouTube.
We were going out and about doing investigations in various spooky sites, but even that was beyond us this month, so instead we created a short video about the dangers of smoking.  I know lots of you have taken a peek at Loo Roll’s adventure but we haven’t had much feedback yet.  Go on, have a peek and tell us what you think – really - do we need to get out more?

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