Wednesday, 25 January 2012

After Dark Adventures

OK, after several years of being too poor to go on holiday or to do anything much besides work, Andy and I have decided that we need a really big adventure.  It has to be fun, interesting, and creative. 

Oh, and it also has to cost nothing - Peasy! 

After much thought we decided to find unusual and quirky things to celebrate each month throughout the year, starting in January.  We regularly celebrate Burn’s Night (what with Andy’s Scottish ancestry) but it didn’t seem any where exciting enough to call it an adventure, so we delved into our books and quickly discarded several other ideas. 

19th January: St.Wulstan’s Day.  As that would have only involved a trip up the motorway to Worcester to visit his tomb is wasn’t any where nearly enough fun.

20th January: St Agnes’s Eve would have allowed us to dabble in divination, but the various ceremonies involving the summoning of wraiths of future lovers seemed like a dubious activity for a married couple to engage in.

Then we came across the story of Bevil Blizard, ‘The Last Necromancer of Winchcombe in Gloucestershire.’  He’s said to wander the graveyard on the anniversary of his death on January 24th, and his story grabbed us for a number of reasons-

1.      We live in Gloucestershire so travel costs would be minimal!
2.      Who doesn’t love wandering around graveyards after dark looking for deceased necromancers?
3.      Zombies are terribly trendy at the moment and will appear in the second of my Brighton Trilogy books, which will be published this year at Halloween.

You can follow our graveyard adventure on YouTube – Jarek Adams Investigates

You can read Brighton Sucks as an e-book or now Print on Demand – just follow the links on my website.

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