Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Halloween Hijinx

OK so last night was the launch of Brighton Sucks as an e-book on Amazon.  Here’s what happened for those of you who weren’t able to follow me on Facebook.

My last book, Bitter Roots started in the charts at around 64,000, but Brighton Sucks started at about 20,000 as there was a shorter period between publishing it and launching it.  That felt like less of a challenge, but the pressure to do well was weighing heavy on my shoulders as it was only a week since I ran an e-publishing course and really needed to show that what I taught was right.  Failure was not an option!

The charts are usually updated every hour so if all goes to plan you can watch your book steadily climbing up.  But for a very long time last night nothing happened.  I really mean nothing – no numbers changed at all.  That was worrying.

But then my book suddenly lurched down the rankings by a couple of thousand places.  Time to panic?  Well, strangely this happened with my last book, so I didn’t crumple into a sobbing heap, I just held on until the next chart update.  And phew, it jumped straight into the top 50 at No.46!  That was higher than my last book’s final placing (49), and already high enough in the charts to call it a best seller!  But through the next few hours it kept climbing steadily to No.30, and finally peaking at No.26 in the Paranormal Fantasy chart.  As a tiny independent publisher that’s a really great achievement! 

This morning it is still in the top 50, and I now need to keep spreading the word to keep up those sales figures. 

Thank you to everyone who bought it.  Thank you to everyone who hasn’t bought it yet, but is going to – please don’t forget!  And to anyone still not sure – don’t you want to read a quirky book that wouldn’t quite fit on a mainstream publisher’s list, but is a best seller anyway?!!

Here’s the link one more time

And at £1.71 it’s cheaper than a cup of coffee, but will keep your little brain cells sparking for many hours longer than a simple jolt of caffeine.


  1. I was right there with you online - it was so exciting!

  2. Wow - phenominal success!!! Well done. I am so impressed.
    Hope all continues in this mode.