Wednesday, 26 October 2011

New Book Launch

Back in March I was lucky enough to get my first novel ‘Bitter Roots’ into the top 50 of the Amazon Kindle charts, making it an instant best seller!  But I was only able to do that with the amazing support from all my friends and people I’ve met through various writing and networking activities.  The book sold really well to begin with, but as I was waiting for a publisher to make a decision about producing a print version I stopped promoting it and sales have now dwindled – the publisher is still in the process of making a decision!

So, as I now have a new book all ready to go I have decided to go with indie publishing and to take on the hard task of marketing the book myself.  I will make a print version available in November, but getting the Kindle version into the charts is the first step.  In order to do that I will need as many
people as possible to buy it on the same night, and the date I’ve chosen is Monday 31st October – Halloween!  That’s where you come in.

Every single sale will help push my book up the charts!

But do you want to read it?  Brighton Sucks is an Urban Fantasy with plenty of action, some tongue-in-cheek ideas on vampirism, and a healthy smattering of steamy sex.  Oh, and it only costs £1.71   You can find it by clicking on the link below.

Not convinced yet?  To see if it’s your sort of thing, you can read the first chapter on my website

I’ll update everyone on the sales results on my Facebook page throughout Halloween night, or here on my blog

Why help me?  Getting my book read is my primary goal, but I’ve also been sharing my knowledge about e-publishing by running a course to help other writers get success as Indie Authors.  So I’m trying to support others in return for the support I’ve been given.

Please tell anyone who you think may be interested in a cracking read for the dark winter evenings.  If you don’t have any kind of e-reader you can easily download a free kindle app from Amazon, and then there are loads of books you can buy cheaply or even download for free onto your computer, so it’s worth doing even if you decide not to buy my book.

And finally, if you do buy it and you do like it, please leave feedback on the Amazon site as this can also help to build those all important sales. 

Many thanks, Jarek Adams

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  1. Ooh, so looking forwards to it! I'll be there, taking part!