Thursday, 14 April 2011

Wild excitement!

It’s been two weeks since I launched my novel Bitter Roots on Amazon as an ebook.  It shot up the charts from 64,000 to 49 and stayed in the top 100 all over the weekend making it an instant best seller.  Although it has dropped down quite a bit now, I have been using that huge leap up the charts to get some publicity.

So far that’s working.  I was in the local paper yesterday, and now BBC local radio want to interview me on their afternoon show next week.  I’m really looking forward to that, and hope I can get some more sales from it.  I’ve also been asked to talk to a writer’s group about my experience of writing and publishing Bitter Roots, which is really good as I am very happy sharing the tips and knowledge I’ve picked up so far. 

This all goes to show that having a support network of friends and social networking with other writers can really help to get a new author’s work out to a wider audience.  But I now need to ask one of two things from all of you –

If you’ve bought my book, first of all THANK YOU!  But once you’ve read it please let me know what you think of it.  I’ve already had excellent feedback on Amazon and Bitter Roots is currently rated at 4½ stars, which is amazing.

If you didn’t get round to buying it two weeks ago, then thank you also.  If all my sales had come at once then I’d have no where to go but down the charts.  So if you haven’t bought Bitter Roots yet, please do.  Climbing back up the charts would be a huge help to me, but would only cost you £1.71
and with the Easter break coming up, what better time to have a dark, modern Gothic romance to wallow in?

To buy a copy just follow this link

No eReader, No Problem - If you don’t have an eReader you can download a kindle app from Amazon for free, and then as well as downloading my book you can download many others cheaply or even for free.  If you’re not sure about how you would enjoy reading a book on your computer, I’ve spoken to a few friends who downloaded my book to their computers and the consensus is that it’s fine.  One writer friend said that she works at her computer all day then she reads my book for half an hour to wind down before facing the world!  

News next week of how I plan to build my sales in the US.

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  1. Teaser: As I'm in the know with Jarek, I can also hint that EVEN MORE exciting news is on the way - keep reading her blog and twitter posts!
    Andy T